Starting from Zero: Imagine Careers 365 Days Later

On January 26th, 2016, Imagine Careers launched the beta of our company matching platform to help people say goodbye to job boards forever. 

Right on queue, an hour after going live, our server provider went offline for over 8 hours. As you can imagine, this made for one scary and stressful day! Despite some additional obstacles and challenges throughout the year, it’s been an amazing one for us.

For those of you not familiar with Imagine Careers™, we have drawn inspiration from companies like Zillow™ and Amazon™ to create a better experience for people to navigate their professional journeys. Following our consumer-first mantra, we’ve created a product that instantly matches people to companies based on skill and cultural congruence. We save them countless hours and give them a more effective way to find and engage where they fit. By centralizing company data and making it easily discoverable, we’ve created a better magnet for companies to attract, hire, and retain better fit hires.

An image of our product in action — instantly matching people to congruent companies.
An image of our product in action — instantly matching people to congruent companies.


We started with zeros across the board… no users, no organic traffic, zero minute site time, etc. After our first year of operation, we are excited to share some of our accomplishments with you.

It hasn’t been easy, but it has been one heck of a wild, crazy, and fun ride for all of us. We want to thank each and every one of you that has tried it out, shared it with your friends and helped us get here.

Now on to the numbers!

  • 65,000 visitors to our blog generating over 468,000 sessions
  • Thousands of product users in 90 countries and 48 US states
  • Users spending (on average) 10 minutes per visit
  • Indexed 70,000+ jobs for nearly 4,000 companies in the product
  • Users have viewed 100,000+ company pages
  • Data currently spans 12 US cities including Pittsburgh, Columbus, Seattle, Boston, Austin, Raleigh, Ann Arbor/Detroit, Madison, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, and Minneapolis
  • Incoming requests from our users to add 37 new cities across 9 countries
  • 51.5% organic Google traffic in January! In June, we were at < 3%.
  • Active partnerships with 6 regional colleges and universities including Pitt SIS, Cal U, Pittsburgh Technology College, Point Park, Carlow, and Westminster, with over 20 more schools on our wait-list.
  • These active partnerships give us access to over 200,000 regional professionals according to LinkedIn.
  • Our own Daeshawn Ballard released a Facebook Messenger Bot, extending our company matching technology into Facebook. We were featured by Product Hunt, (alongside Zenefits and Red Bull) and
  • We’ve been getting traffic from employees at many of our competitors, including The Muse, Elevated Careers (part of E-Harmony), AngelList, StackOverflow, and Crunchbase.
  • We did all of this on $275k in seed funding raised last year with a nearly zero dollar marketing spend.

As we raise additional capital this year, our primary focus of the funds will be on sales and marketing, finally giving us a budget for advertisement, ad retargeting, and automation.

We are beyond excited for what 2017 has to offer. Some of the things we have up our sleeves:

  • A tool that will help companies leverage our matching technology for all of their applicants. We’ll help them identify just how congruent talent is with their hiring needs and their workplace before an email is ever sent or a phone call needs to be made.
  • White labeling our platform to all of our educational partners so they can match their students/alumni and the companies that hire their graduates to create better outcomes.
  • Content delivery for the companies users are following. We’ll deliver meaningful news, relevant jobs, blog content, and more.
  • Integrations with 3rd party technologies, including applicant tracking systems, online assessment platforms, and skill building/training providers.

Thank you for helping us validate that people want what we are building and making our story apart of yours. The feedback we’ve received on what features we should build next, the partnerships we should grow, the investors we should be talking to, and every other element of our business has been invaluable. 

We are also grateful for all of you that will be joining us as we move forward in our mission to create a better way for people and companies to come together.

Personally, I want to thank the amazing team that has stood beside me and made this dream a reality. Without them — virtually nothing that we have accomplished would have been possible. Elaine, Lawrence, Matt, Daeshawn, Teddy, Yvette, Rob, Richard, Dhiraj, and Kenny — thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in us.

Part of the Imagine Careers team volunteering at the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank.
Part of the Imagine Careers team volunteering at the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank.


Lastly, to all of you who haven’t tried us out here’s a 60-second overview

We’re looking forward to sharing our growth with you next year.


Eric Harvey

Founder and CEO

Imagine Careers Founder and CEO