If you want access to the best technology careers, you should sell your skills to a company beyond your resume.

Keep in mind a resume gets an average of 6 seconds from a recruiter or HR gatekeeper. When you look at your resume, do you feel that it captures all the experiences that brought you to this point? Does your resume showcase all your work in one place so that a company knows what you are capable of? Does it reveal the hours you poured into a team project, and the decisions that you made to help bring a idea to life?

So what can you do? Here’s a few things that you need to start doing right now to stand out for the best technology careers.

Create a website for your brand

You may not be a graphic designer, but a web portfolio can still showcase your professional brand. A website is a great way to get a leg up on your competition is to show samples of actual work.

Don’t just make a website and display your resume, that defeats the purpose. Take some time and tailor your site to your target companies. An employer should look at your website and visualize the work quality you would bring to their team.

Be active on community sharing sites

A couple years ago, StackOverflow’s website went down and programmers everywhere began to ‘panic’. Most of this panic was humorous, but sites like StackOverflow provide valuable information. If you’re not a programmer, StackExchange may have something that fits you.

If you are active on these sites, a potential employer may notice.  Get started by answering questions and engaging with the community. As you build your reputation link from your website to your profile.

Create an app and showcase your code on Github

If you plan to touch any type of code in your career, an active Github profile can help you stand out. Github is the most popular community for open-source coding with 9 million registered users. Use Github to collaborate with like minded professionals, and show off your skills.

To impress a company, create your own app and use Github as your repository. If you’re looking for app ideas, think of something that makes a daily task more productive. The best technology careers all involve solving problems with creative solutions.

If you are looking for the best technology careers, you need to know who’s hiring for your skills and interests.

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