When done right, remote work can be a major productivity booster.

Picture a workday where you could avoid your rush hour and work in your sweatpants. That hour long commute becomes an extra hour of sleep. Sounds great right?  Occasionally working from home can be a major productivity booster, and make life a bit easier.

Avoid unwanted interruptions

Remote work allows you to avoid disruptive office chatter (assuming you are home alone). Co-workers constantly interrupting your to-do list can be a major drain on productivity.  If you work in an open office environment, this may sound all too familiar.

Remote work allows you to control your distractions. If you live alone, no one is going to stop by your desk to discuss the latest episode of Game of Thrones. If you need to bounce an idea off someone, there only an email/instant message away.

Co-workers constantly interrupting your to-do list can be a major drain on productivity.

Control your environment

Having control over your physical environment can boost productivity. This needs to be a place where you can sit for a long period of time, and get work done. A standing desk or table with a comfortable chair is a must. Since posture can affect mood and energy levels, you might want to avoid the couch.  Again, if this is a space that is going to subject you to interruptions – your productivity will suffer. A living room with kids playing, or a coffee shop might not be suitable substitution for an office.

Adjust your schedule

Adjusting your schedule to deal with the busyness of life is inevitable. In the office, a typical work day could be 9-5. Some people prefer this schedule because it keeps them focused.   Doctor’s appointments, car maintenance, or attending a child’s game can be impossible to do outside office hours. Remote work can offer flexibility for these tasks, by starting work earlier or later.

Trade your commute for hours

If you have a longer commute, you could spend over 2 hours just getting to and from work. Imagine if you could spend that time working instead. On the days where there are not enough hours, this can help save time when trying to meet targeted deadlines.

While these productivity boosts can benefit, they can also hurt if abused. Keep in mind this arrangement takes plenty of trust from the employer.


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