Are you missing out on what career services has to offer? They can help you get your first job.

Common feedback from college career service departments is that students come to them too late, or not at all. Some students wait until spring of their senior year before they visit career services. By then, it’s too late.

Just visiting your career services advisor won’t land you your first job, it takes a few steps. To avoid the gap of unemployment after school and fear of loan payoff, these steps are well worth the effort.  Here’s how to use this powerful student asset.

Start Early

Job searches take a while. The average student might have to search between 3 and 9 months before finding a job. Networks take time to yield. The right opportunity might not be available at that exact moment. Give yourself an advantage over other students who start late.

Introduce yourself to your career services department early in your college career. They are your advocate.  By starting this relationship early, they can better guide you to the right opportunity.

Show Up

Going out to dinner, or meeting new friends sounds more fun than attending a career event. Keep in mind, networking and career events can be a stepping stone to your future. Most career service departments host different types of events that are worthwhile.

Job fairs and networking events are prime opportunities to talk with employers. Many people land their first job through networking and connections of friends, parents, and classmates. Take the opportunity to ask questions and learn with little pressure.

Ask About In-House Resources

Career services departments are more than just event planners. They have many other resources that are available for students to use. Some schools have major-specific career service departments. If you are not sure where to start, career service departments offer one-to-one counseling to help you move forward. Ask your career services about what resources they recommend.

Stay in touch

Stay in touch with your career services counselor. Talk to them if you are thinking about changing majors, or wondering what classes to take. Run any ideas about future jobs or careers by them. Counselors want to hear from their students. When a counselor is able to connect a student to a great opportunity, it makes their day.

Want to land your first job?

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