From the IC Developer's Desk: April Edition

The goal of this series is to let you know what new features and functionality were recently added to our Professional Discovery Platform, as well as what is coming next.  We are keeping the feedback of our customers, both professionals and companies, at the forefront of our development and design decisions. If you have anything you’d like to see us tackle, please just email

This month, we continued to knock out the most important features for companies on our platform. Here’s what’s new this month:

  • One of our goals is transparent and accurate data.  By dual verifying information through company-verified and user-verified data about companies, we can help give you confidence that what you are seeing is accurate. We just released the ability for you to see both sets of data and toggle between them when both are available.
  • As companies have engaged with us more and more, we realized that simplifying the profile claiming process for free accounts was critical.  Companies can claim their profile by visiting their company page on our platform and clicking the badge under the photo carousel and requesting ownership.  You’ll need 10 seconds to create a registered account to claim yours.
  • We also released an admin section for companies who have claimed their own profiles, which enables them to change all of their information, including URLs, pictures and descriptions. In addition, paying companies can change their benefits, employment perks and more.
  • Companies can visit our website to learn about the three packages we offer, and purchase a six or twelve-month contract via Braintree, Paypal’s payment processing solution.  Here’s a sneak peek – click the picture below to check it out in action.  From the IC Developer's Desk: April Edition
  • We made some significant strides with our reporting backend, which we’ll release later this month for our paying customers. We are using a newer technology called influxdata to store and report on user activity throughout the product. Our customers will be able to track the most important data around their company profile, including visitors, traffic driven to external sites, number of followers, and more.
  • There are now over 900 Pittsburgh companies, non-profits, healthcare providers, and schools in the platform for your discovery.  Start discovering them at

Looking ahead, we will be shifting focus back to the users of our product on the professional side. In the second quarter we’ll be adding new features and functionality, here’s what’s to come:

  • We need your help when it comes to the user-verified data in our product.  We’re working to make it so you can quickly and easily add this data in the product. While we are building this functionality, we are using a short online survey to gather this information. Please take 2 minutes to share some of the data anonymously about your most recent Pittsburgh employer here!
  • We’re enhancing user profiles; users will be able to indicate skills, experience, interests and more. We’ll use this information to help make company recommendations.
  • Users will be able to create and maintain stored filters to make it simple to save searches.
  • We’re adding a company comparison tool, so users can compare companies side-by-side.
  • We’re adding a dashboard where users can see jobs, news and social media feeds for companies they are following.

Thanks for checking in and continuing to follow our platform as it develops!  As always, you can provide any additional feedback, suggestions, and ideas by emailing