Welcome to the August edition of From the IC Developer’s Desk. We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new user interface and some exciting new features like company fit scores!  More to come below.  To check out previous editions, please click here.

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With all that being said, here are some of the updates for August!  We’ve been hard at work all summer long to bring these new features your way.  You can see all of what is discussed below, right now at www.imaginecareers.com!


First and foremost, we created new landing pages to make it very simple and easy to understand what it is we do and how you can get started.  Here’s the landing page for users:Imagine Careers home page

And here is it for companies:imagine careers company landing page

Once you dive into the product from the landing pages, our new interface is fully responsive.  Whether you are looking at it on a PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile device – it should look great and function seamlessly.   


To take full advantage of the next set of features, you’ll need to take 10 seconds to register a free profile with us here.  This will also unlock many additional features coming later in 2016, including creating your profile, getting notifications of new companies that fit your criteria, and much more.


We’ve added in the ability to see which companies match your skills/interests.  In the filter box, just type in your skills (you can either separate them by commas, or press Enter/Go on your keyboard for each skill).  A couple of examples:


If you are in sales, you could enter a string of terms such as this:imagine careers sale skills

If you are a software engineer, you could enter something like this:imagine careers developer skills

You can then also enter in your company needs/preferences from our extensive fields, including things like: Industry, # of Employers, Insurance (Medical, Dental Vision, etc), Retirement Benefits, PTO/Vacation Time, Flexible Hours, Work From Home, Dress Code, Transportation, and much more.


Once you’ve set your criteria, we return relevant results and show you how well you line up with the companies in our system.  Right now, we have over 1,300 companies in Pittsburgh, as well as data about companies in Columbus, Seattle, Boston, Raleigh, and Austin.imagine careers product

You can click on both the Skills Matched and Culture Fit scores to see which skills and attributes line up with your needs.  We also map out all of your results and followed companies via the Google Maps API.


The new site looks great on mobile too if we do say so ourselves!  Here are a few shots:Imagine careers mobile

Starting in September, we will now be moving on to the engagement phase of our platform.  Once you’ve tracked down a company that fits both your qualifications and needs, you can request to engage with them.  More to come on this next month.


Last but not least, we are now live in 6 cities, with two more coming next week! You can now find data about companies in Columbus, Boston, Seattle, Austin, and Raleigh. imagine careers cities we are in

Be sure to visit www.imaginecareers.com and start using the product! We would love to hear your feedback. Also, feel free to share with your friends, family, and colleagues that could benefit from this new way to discover and connect with companies.


That’s it for this month.  We appreciate your support and feedback more than we can tell you!