Welcome to the July edition of From the IC Developer’s Desk – July 2016.  In this month’s post, we’ll give you a teaser of the new UI that is coming in August, as well as fill you in on our next two expansion cities. To check out previous editions, please click here.
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The normal disclosure: The goal of this series is to let you know what new features and functionality we’ve recently added to our Professional Discovery Platform, as well as what is coming next. We are keeping the feedback of our customers and users at the forefront of our development and design decisions. If you have anything you’d like to see us tackle, please just email product@imaginecareers.com.


With all that being said, here are some of the updates for July!  We’ve spent the entire month on our new UI, which is currently being tested and will go live in August. Here’s a quick preview of what’s to come.

Imagine careers professional discovery platform Imagine careers professional discovery platform 2We can’t wait to launch and get your input!  We are very hopeful that you’ll love the new feature of instantly being compared to companies based on your profile details, and seeing how well their culture and hiring needs line up with you.

This new UI is also a big step up for our mobile users.  We’ll keep you posted as our launch date becomes more clear.
We mentioned in our last update that we are now live in Columbus, OH.  This month, we’ve added over 100 companies in both Boston and Seattle!

Imagine careers professional discovery platform boston

imagine careers seattle

To view Boston companies, visit https://discover.imaginecareers.com and use 02124 as your zip code.

To view Seattle companies, visit https://discover.imaginecareers.com and use 98101 as your zip code.


Looking ahead, we will be adding Raleigh, Austin, and more in August.  We’ll keep you posted on the cities we are in on our new website, which is also going live in August.

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That’s it for this month.  As always, thanks again for following along and contributing to the future of how people and companies discover and engage.