From the IC Developer's Desk: March

Starting today, we’ll be releasing a monthly blog series called “From the IC Developer’s Desk.” The goal of this series is to let you know what new features and functionality were recently added to our Professional Discovery Platform, as well as what is coming next.

We are keeping the feedback of our customers, both professionals and companies, at the forefront of our development and design decisions. If you have anything you’d like to see us tackle, please just

Our first set of features in January were primarily for professionals to begin discovering and researching companies in novel ways, with access to deeper data about companies that was previously next to impossible to track down.

In February, we switched gears and focused almost exclusively on the company side of our platform. These enhancements included:

  • Up until last week, company profile updates and enhancements were made bi-weekly through data imports from multiple places, including a CRM, spreadsheets, Google surveys, etc. We pulled that all into one dynamic edit screen, where company data can be updated and validated in one place in real time.
  • We also released a new and enhanced company profile view. Included is a screenshot of a company at a premium tier of service:From the IC Developer's Desk: March
  • We completed our Indeed API integration, and began to store all of the jobs from all of the companies currently in our product. We will be using this current and historical job data to release company recommendation functionality for the professionals on our site later in 2016.
  • By early April, companies will be able to claim their own profiles, edit/verify their data, choose their plan (Free, Discover, Awareness) make payments online through our payment integration with BrainTree, upload their own multimedia, and much more.
  • For our paying customers, we also implemented a new SEO feature. Their profiles appear first in search results, assuming all of the filters entered by a user are equal.
  • We also added in a new filter for “Industry,” which was a popular request from many of our early-stage beta users.

One of the next major enhancements we are working on for paying customers is a robust reporting engine for them to track and monitor how well their company is performing. Some of these metrics will include:

  • How often are they showing up in filter results, and what filters are most commonly used to find them
  • What filters are most commonly eliminating them from search results
  • How many people are viewing their profile, and for how long
  • How much traffic is being driven to their social profiles, job listings, etc.
  • How many people are following their company

We are also working on other enhanced features, including the ability to schedule and promote events and manage talent engagement. These will be featured in future posts in this series.

For professionals using the platform, we will be introducing enhanced features by early Spring, including:

  • Enhanced user profiles, where a user can indicate skills, experience, interests, etc. and we’ll use these to help make company recommendations.
  • The ability for users to create and maintain stored filters to make it simple to save searches.
  • A company comparison tool where users can pull up companies side-by-side.
  • A dashboard where users can see jobs, news, and social media feeds for companies they are following.

Thanks again for continuing to follow along with and share our story! Our goal is to continue to transform the way people and companies come together, and your support will help make this a reality.