We know… We know.  It’s already June, and we’re late getting this out.  The GOOD news is, we have a ton of progress to report, so hopefully you can forgive our tardiness. To check out previous editions, please click here.

We hope you like Rob’s serious programming face.  We rarely see it, so we’re happy that we captured it “on film.”  He’s also better groomed than most days.

The normal disclosure: The goal of this series is to let you know what new features and functionality were recently added to our Professional Discovery Platform, as well as what is coming next.  We are keeping the feedback of our customers and users at the forefront of our development and design decisions. If you have anything you’d like to see us tackle, please just email product@imaginecareers.com.

Some of our major milestones to report:

  • As of this week, ALL companies that take 5 minutes to claim their profiles on our platform and complete the basic data collection will show up as verified on our product, and we will display your content to our users.  This functionality was previously only available to paying customers – we’ve removed this requirement for the summer, so be sure to claim away!
    • All you need to do is visit our product, register a free account, and then click the red banner under your photos in your company’s profile!
    • If you don’t yet see a profile for your company, email product@imaginecareers.com and we’ll get it added pronto.
  • We have eclipsed 1,000 company profiles in the product!  As of today, we have 1,282 and growing.  You can browse through them by visiting https://discover.imaginecareers.com
  • Since our public beta launch on January 26th, 2016, we’ve had over 6,500 sessions on the product and over 3,500 unique visitors!  We’ve also seen people spending more than 6 minutes per visit, which we believe is an indication that you are finding deep, rich data about companies in the region.
  • We’ve had over 70 product beta surveys completed by our users – thanks so much for that! We’ve been taking your feedback, complaints, and ideas to heart, and are using them to build the next version of our UI, which will be released later this summer.  If you’d be willing to provide feedback, just click here.
  • We recently released a new “Premium Content” feature for our top customers, which allows them to visually display news stories, multimedia, blog content, and more front and center on their pages. Here’s what it looks like:

You can check it out live in action by clicking here.

  • We had some issues with search results appearing in the right order/pulling up accurately in the search box.  We fine tuned our Elastic implementation, and now it’s working smooth as butter – knock on wood!
  • We’ve completed v1.0 of our first two levels of company packages! Companies can now manage their own profiles, edit their own content, upgrade/make payments through our secure payment integration with Braintree, and much more.

As we look ahead, we have a major release (v2.0 of our UI for our users) that we’ll be starting next week.  This will include some awesome new features, including:

  • Skill Fit Score: What % of your skills and interests line up with the skills being sought by a company?
  • Need Fit Score: What % of your needs (benefits, workplace flexibility, perks, etc) line up with what a company offers?
  • Stored Queries: The ability to store your preferred filters for quick retrieval.
  • New Company Notifications: The ability for us to notify you when new companies that fit your skills and needs, come into the product.
  • Mobile Optimization: Our new UI will be even more responsive than the previous, making it much easier to use on phones and tablets.

We have also started data collection for markets outside of Pittsburgh!  This includes the technology to instantly fetch much of our company profile data through API integrations with sites like Bing, Indeed, and Facebook.  Much more to come on this soon.

Thanks again for your continued support, and following along on our journey!  We’ll be sure to get the June update out before July – mark our words.



The IC Development Team