As part of our monthly series, here’s what our Development team has accomplished and released in November.

The last 5 months have flown by, and we have some exciting updates to announce that will streamline your Imagine Careers experience. Previously after finding a company that you liked, we recommended looking for a relevant job, asking a question, or connecting with a contact at that company via LinkedIn. A conversation between companies and users inside the product has been a missing piece of the user experience — until now!

Starting now, you can engage directly with a company through! Instead of applying after reading a job description, you can run your search and request to start a conversation with companies that fit you. Engaging will show only your skill and culture fit scores to a company. After a company accepts your engagement request, they will then see your name and your resume. You can then start a conversation with that person through our product!

Here’s how it looks:

What you’ll see before you send an engagement request

You can view your sent engagements in the engagement dashboard located in your profile

Access your engagement dashboard through the link in your profile
An example of a user’s engagement dashboard

When a company receives your engagement request, they will not see your name or resume before they accept your engagement. They will see your Tagline, Culture Matches, and Skill Matches to their company.

Here’s what your request looks like to a company:

Here’s what a company sees in their engagement dashboard

Once a company accepts — you are free to start the conversation. A chat box will appear below the engagement. Think of this as a first date, introduce yourself and start the conversation off on the right foot. Why are you interested in the company? What prompted you to engage with them? How can you contribute? If all goes well, ask for an interview.

Unfortunately, every conversation and engagement request might not be this easy 🙂

Get the conversation started after your conversation has been accepted.

If a company has not claimed their page, we’ll do our best to get your engagement request to someone at that company.

Keep an eye out for companies that have been Verified. Your request will go to someone involved in hiring at that company.

Example of a verified page

We’ve already seen some users take advantage of engagements, and companies start to accept them. Try it out!

Keep engaging, and offering us great feedback!

Here are a few other noteworthy items that we’ve released:

  • Company edit pages — updated user interface
  • Improved SEO — You’ll find more Imagine Careers company pages crawling up the list in google search
  • UI tweaks including: Culture/Skill fit bubbles, search bar goes back to the top when entering new filters, adding a back to filter link to easily get back to the search

As always, we’re committed to making the best experience possible for our users. Let us know in the comments or social media which features or fixes you’re most excited about or looking forward to.