Let’s get right to it!  This is where we share what we just released on www.imaginecareers.com and what’s coming next.  For what you may have missed, please click here.




Yvette and Matt celebrating a little after all their hard work on our new feature: Engagements!

In case you missed it – here’s a 60-second video showing you how Imagine Careers works, putting you in the driver seat of company discovery.

We’ve opened all of the data in our platform to all companies!

You read that right – we no longer charge anything for companies to add all of their content into their company pages.  You can share your transparent employer brand 100% free, including pictures of your team, details about your workplace/culture (benefits provided, skills hired for, workplace flexibility, holidays/vacation time, and much more!), videos/news/blog content, and more! We let people discover you how they want to find you – just like they would find a product on Amazon or a home on Zillow.

Companies that claim their pages and complete their profiles are seeing FIVE TIMES THE USER TRAFFIC on our platform.  So for taking 10 minutes to claim and complete your page – you can increase the congruent talent that is looking at and following your brand.

Click here to find your company and claim your page.  Here’s what yours SHOULD look like:


Click here to see it live in action.

For all of our early companies – we’ve talked to many of you about this already.  Those of you we haven’t, rest assured – your investment in us was a great one.  We’ll be extending an awesome engagement package to you looking forward.

We launched our Employer Networks feature:

We work with some amazing partners, like Urban Innovation 21 (@UrbInnovation21), Pitt School of Information Science (@ischool_pitt), California University of PA (@CalUofPA), Pittsburgh Technical College (@ptc_edu), and Point Park (@pointparku).  We realized early on in our discussions that it would be really incredible if we could better connect their students and alumni to the great companies that hire them!

The team went to work, and our new Employer Networks feature was born!  Now students and alumni from these programs and schools can quickly and easily discover the companies that fit their skills and needs as well as are already hiring from their institution.  Parents can also start to discover what companies hire graduates from these schools to help ensure that the money they are spending on education is leading to meaningful employment.

Here’s what it looks like:


You can try it out here.

Mostly, though – we’ve been working on Engagements!  This allows our platform users to reach out to request to engage directly with employers.  We will share with them your skills cultural fit, helping them to better determine those that are congruent both with their hiring needs and their workplace.

We’re excited to say that in November, you will be able to directly request to engage with great companies.  We are strongly encouraging people to only request to engage if you have at least 5 skills and a 50% cultural match with a company to ensure quality engagements for both parties.

More on that soon.  Here’s to the future of job searching and hiring!


The Imagine Careers Team