Welcome to the September edition of our monthly product update blog!  We have some great new features to highlight, including:

  1. The ability to create your custom profile to help us hone in on companies that fit you.
  2. Save your skills and filters into stored queries, allowing you to quickly recall your searches and for us to notify you of new companies in the platform that may be of interest.
  3. Quickly and easily share your searches with your friends and colleagues on social media, email, and more.

We’ll also briefly introduce the ability for you to directly request to engage with companies, which will be coming this Fall!

20160728_153911 Before we get started, it is important to note the “Beardoff” which is happening between Matt and Rob.  Both of them add about an inch a week, so as you can imagine, this is a very serious internal competition.

Now – on to what’s new!

User Profiles:

One of the requests we’ve had based on the feedback from our beta users was the need to create and manage a user profile.  We use this information to help ensure that the companies we are queuing up for your review are congruent with your background, skills, interests, location, and more.  We highly recommend you create this; it should only take a couple of minutes, and will significantly improve your experience with the IC platform moving forward.

We promise you that your information will never be shared or disclosed without your permission.  One of the beautiful things about our product is your ability to confidentially discover and follow companies – without having to worry about unwanted contact from recruiters or advertisers.

Here’s what profiles currently look like:


Stored Filters

This is one we’ve been meaning to get out there for some time.  We’ve heard loud and clear that while it has been awesome to be able to take a deeper dive into the company data we have, it has also been frustrating to have to rebuild these searches each time our user’s return.

Well, this is no longer a problem!  You can quickly save your filters and recall them with ease.  You’ll need a registered account to be able to take advantage of this functionality too.  Take a look!


Share Your Filters:

Our hope is that as you start to hone in on various results, you may stumble across a subset of companies that may be of interest to people in your network.

Perhaps a friend of yours is looking for a new job, and you uncover some exciting companies that look interesting.

Or maybe you are in career services – and you can use this to help your current students come up with search criteria to narrow down companies of interest.

Or maybe even you are in sales/account management, and you create a short list of companies that you may want to sell into and want to share this with a colleague or your boss.

There are tons of reasons why our users want to be able to share their results lists, so we made this simple for you to do.  Here is how to do it:


New Cities in Platform:

We are excited to share that Detroit/Ann Arbor, Madison, Salt Lake City, and  Minneapolis are live on the platform!


A special thanks to Lawrence Cuccaro and Kenny Fulton for all their hard work with adding and auditing our new cities!  They are a bit camera shy, but we talked them into letting us give them a shout-out in this month’s edition.


What’s Coming Next: Company Engagement

Lastly, we wanted to tease what’s coming next month.  Right now, you can learn all about companies in our platform and follow them, but you can’t directly request to engage with them through Imagine Careers.  At the moment, you need to reach out via email, LinkedIn, job listing, etc.

That’s all about to change!  By the next time you hear from us, you’ll be able to request to directly engage with companies of interest to you.  They’ll be able to review your fit scores and cultural match and see if you line up with their current and/or future hiring needs.   All of this will be administered right through Imagine Careers.   Here’s a sneak preview of what’s coming soon:


That’s it for this month!  Please keep your feedback coming here, and thanks again for sharing this journey with us to change how the world finds work.