Let’s build a regional company culture that attracts the best talent.

Many people from Pittsburgh, love Pittsburgh.

Maybe it’s the unique language we have here – “ja’eet yet?” or “Yinz goin dahn na stiller game?”. It might be the unique skyline that brings people back. We believe the reason that Pittsburgh is so great is the attitude and mentality of its people.

Pittsburgh is a small town. If you’ve lived here long enough, it’s normal to constantly bump into friends (old and new) in unlikely places around the city. Even people who leave Pittsburgh, often find their way back here.

How can Pittsburgh companies hire and retain the best regional and national talent?

What happens to the people who aren’t from Pittsburgh?  What happens when they move here, and are tempted to move elsewhere? What about the people who are interested in moving here, but choose to go elsewhere? For all of these people, jobs have a significant impact on where people live and why they live there.

Pittsburgh is a competitive market, and people are constantly tempted to move and go elsewhere with the promise of other jobs and opportunities. Top companies are putting pressure on local companies by stealing their talent. Companies in Pittsburgh need to know what people care about, and how they can adapt their company culture to the needs of the region.

Companies need to sort through the necessary and unnecessary factors in their company culture.

Should we let people bring their dogs to work? Should we develop and offer a mentorship program? Should we pay for employees parking? Should we let people work from home, or come into the office later to skip a stressful commute?

We attempt to answer these questions in the 2017 Pittsburgh Talent Pulse Report. Our report offers insight from 750+ regional talent into the needs and factors that influence decisions when looking for a job. As a tech company born and raised in Pittsburgh, we believe local companies in our region should be able to compete with the top companies. We love an underdog.

We ask you to join us in creating a competitive company culture that people want to be a part of by reading the 2017 Talent Pulse Report.