Facebook Jobs is trying to tackle some known recruiting trends.

– Job search time. Applying to jobs is time-consuming. Some job applications can take up to 30 minutes – crazy right? With a growing population of short attention spans, job applications need to be fast. With a one click application through facebook messenger that pre-fills information, a higher volume of job applicants can be captured. Think about “sign in with Facebook” when you are registering for a new site.

– Social recruiting. Hiring through social networks has become a popular way to find people. Recruiting tools like Jobvite have made a name for themselves with their social recruiting power. People already unofficially use Facebook to connect to job opportunities. Employers also are known to prowl around personal Facebook pages for any information that might disqualify them from being a great hire. The lines between professional and personal have officially been blurred by Facebook jobs.

– Passive job seekers. Appealing to a passive audience has been a long-standing recruiting challenge. Most people have a job already, and Facebook jobs makes a case to capture the interest of those people. If the right opportunity comes along, Facebook is likely hoping that people will listen.

Facebook jobs has recognized like we have, that the job search needs simplified.

– Searching for a job is time-consuming. Ask five people the first place they would look when they start their job search, and you might get five different answers. Much of the search experience is based on finding a “job.” Unfortunately, this is the same mindset we have had since we started putting text advertisements in newspapers. It will be interesting to see how Facebook jobs develops, but it seems that the focus is still on finding a job. Finding the right job is only a piece of what produces a great fit for candidate and company. Our focus will continue to be finding a great fit between a person and a company, instead of overloading companies with a higher volume of resumes.

-People want to discover information. They want to do the research on what products are great and what matters to them. Democratizing the “job search” is critical, and centralizing the search experience is something we value at ImagineCareers.com. By matching people to companies that are relevant to them based on their skills and personal needs that they enter, we’re working to put the right information into the hands of the one browsing. Jobs are great, but if the job is cool and the company sucks – you are going to run into retention problems.

-Window shopping is fun. How many times have you gone to Amazon to check the price of something you thought about buying? Have you checked what your house is worth on Zillow, or other houses in your neighborhood? Have you looked at what other people have written about a restaurant you’re thinking about going to on Yelp? Window shopping is all around us. With Imagine Careers you can window shop for companies, and see who might be interested in your skill set all while remaining anonymous. Don’t worry; your Facebook memes are safe with us.

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